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We want to make every website fast 

Our Story

We’re WordPress speed optimization fanatics and had been building websites using WordPress for more than 9 years when we started noticing that a lot of websites being built by individuals or web design companies were not focusing on how fast their websites were loading. 


We started WP Speed Optimizers because we knew a few things like….

    • We knew that fast loading websites were loved by Google since they were using it as a ranking factor for a position in their search results.
    • We knew that many websites unknowingly lost customers because they were frustrated with how slowly the website loaded.
    • We knew that WordPress can be made really fast if it was speed optimized or build it to be fast in the beginning.
    • We also know that websites that have been speed optimized don’t stay fully optimized without regular maintenance

All of these things we knew to be true and we wanted to offer a service that specialized in speed optimization of WordPress websites so here it is!

We live and breathe speed optimization and we want you to join our growing list of happy clients whose website’s have gone from turtles to tigers on the web.

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